Barrow 2017 Numeracy Project

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IKAN and GloSS Barrow County

Resources from nzmaths:

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Websites mentioned or referenced

  • Jo Boaler’s youcubed – Growth Mindset and brain research related to learning math. Resources, activities, research, videos, and more!
  • Robert Kaplinsky – Lots of great problem based lessons and amazing, useful information about DOK as related to math teaching.
  • Open Middle – problems worth solving – searchable by domain and grade level.
  • Estimation 180 – Build number sense one day at a time with engaging 5 minute estimation tasks
  • Twitter – #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere)
  • Dan Meyer – He started it all with 3-Act Tasks.  His blog has so much information about anything you can think of related to math and teaching.
  • Desmos Classroom Activities  – Create a Teacher account (FREE) and have students create their accounts at