Whitfield Building Number Sense & Problem Based Learning

April 27 – Building Number Sense Workshop

Presentation Slides:

Whitfield County MS Number Sense


Estimation 180 Recording Sheet

Number Talks Cheat Sheet

Resources used or mentioned:

Estimation 180

Clothesline Math

Clothesline Math on Estimation 180


Oh, No, 99!


Four in a Row integers

May 18 – Problem-Based Learning Workshop

Presentation Slides:

Whitfield County Using Problem Based Learning to Build Passion for Math


Zip, Zilch, Zero


Proportions problems for clothesline

3-Act Recording Sheet (2016).docx

5 Moves Planning Doc

Resources used or mentioned:

Desmos Teacher Site – sign up for a free account, search for and assign desmos activities, and/or create your own activities to assign and share with others.

Desmos Student Site – have your students create an account so their work is saved automatically.

Four Math Boosting Messages from Jo and her Students – a video from Stanford Professor and YouCubed founder Jo Boaler and her students with 4 math boosting messages.  I didn’t show this due to time, but it’s worth a look.



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