Dalton 2016-2017 Resources

Number Talks – Elementary Number Strings by Strategy

Estimation 180 – Building Number Sense One Day at a Time!

Need for combining like-terms – blog post from Dan Meyer with a link to Annie Forest’s blog post providing a humorous context for students to see the need for combining like-terms.  Both well worth the time to read and try with students!

Keepvid – download youtube, vimeo, and other videos to use in class (after vetting them, of course!)

Jo Boaler – Stanford University Professor and Math Ed. Researcher.  Lots of great research based resources located on her website: https://www.youcubed.org/

Conceptually Teaching Percent – I thought of this after the fact, but it’s worth the time.

  • For percent problems start with these tools for students to make sense.
  • Play this game for practice.
  • Use number lines as another model before teaching any procedures.