Whitfield Math Games & Problem Solving

Presentation Slides:

Whitfield County 6-8 November 14 2017

Problem-Based Learning – Focus on Mathematical Practices:

Consecutive Sums

Games and Puzzles:

  • Integer Centrifuge – I separated the inner rings from the outer rings for you, so students can rotate numbers more easily and line up the correct numbers.
  • Algebra on Rectangles – link to puzzle sheets and video link – check out how he uses the idea of infinite solutions to solve the puzzle.
  • Squares Build of Right Triangles – This was the last puzzle for 8th grade teachers.  Again, a video is provided with some interesting information about the puzzle.
  • Target Card – order of operations game with playing cards
  • Clear the Board – another game for students to use the order of operations
  • Mimizu – Japanese for earthworm.  This is the last game that 6th and 7th grade teachers played.

Resources Discussed

  • Desmos Teacher Site – use this site to find or create activities
  • Desmos Student Site – Students log in here to engage in activities you assign them.  Students should create accounts.
  • Math Pickle – many of the puzzles we worked through came from this site and there are lots more!