The Candy Bowl

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Act 1

Watch the Video

Ask students what they notice.  Write down their observations.

Ask students what they wonder or what they are curious about.  Record their curiosities and questions.

Possible questions:

How many Snickers were in the bowl?

How many Milky Ways are there in the bowl?

How many Whoppers are in the bowl?

How much candy was there all together?

How much candy was in the bowl in the beginning?

Write an estimate.

Write an estimate that you know is too high.  Write an estimate that you know is too low.

Act 2

Answer student questions (as they come up) about the task:

In the beginning, there were 48 Snickers and Whoppers in the bowl.

26 Milky Ways were added after the teachers ate all of the Snickers.

Now there are 54 pieces of candy.

Act 3

Share solutions and strategies.  Compare strategies and results.

How reasonable was your estimate?

What might you do differently next time?

What worked well for you this time?


    1. Hi Debra!
      Thanks for the comment. I purposely didn’t mention the whoppers to nudge students to think more critically about the inform they have been provided. Students often ask for the number of whoppers and get “stuck” momentarily. Once students dive into the problem and begin to construct representations of the candies they realize that they don’t need to know about the whoppers and can work with what they know. Thanks, again, for the comment.


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