3 Act Tasks

We were inspired by Dan Meyer’s 3-Act lessons and wanted to create a series of 3-Acts for Elementary Mathematics (and some for Middle School)!  Please share your comments and let us know if you try one (or more).  We’d love the feedback!  Thanks in advance!

The link below will take you to the tasks that we (Graham Fletcher Jenise Sexton, and I) have created along with the help and inspiration of many others!  Please feel free to share any of your ideas, tasks and comments!



Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard 3

Suggested Question

Sweet Tart Hearts




How many Sweet Tart Hearts of each color?

Sweet Tart Hearts Revisited




How many Sweet Tart Hearts of each color?

Penny Cube





How much money is that?

Candy Bowl





How many Snickers were there? How many Milky Ways are there?

Candy Bowl Revisited Video  2.NBT.6  2.NBT.7  2.NBT.9 How many Snickers were therein the bowl? How many Milky Way and Twix candies are in the bowl now?
 Olympic Display  Picture 3.MD.7  3.OA.5  4.NBT.5 How many twelve packs are there in the Olympic display?
 A Math-ic Prediction Inter-active  6.EE.2  6.EE.6 How can she predict my number? How can the prediction always be one no matter what number is used?
 Con-secutive Number Sums  Video / Inter-active   6.EE.2  6.EE.4  6.EE.6 How does he know the sum so quickly?
 Triangle Mystery. . .  Video / Inter-active  6.EE.2  6.EE.4   6.EE.6 How did she figure out the top number of the triangle so quickly?
 Snack Mix  Video 6.RP.3 How much of each ingredient is needed to fill all of the cups with snack mix?
 Sphero Draw & Drive  Video  7.G.1  7.RP.3  How far did the robotic ball travel? How much further does it need to travel to complete the rectangle?
 The Fastest  Video   7.RP.2  7.RP.3  How much faster is the Cheetah than Usain Bolt?
The Pythagoras Tree   Video  8.G.7  8.EE.2  How big are each of the cut-out squares? How many grid squares were cut for each color? What is the area of the tree?
 Card House  Video 3.OA.33.OA.7


5.NBT.7  8.G.7 How tall will the card house be when finished?  How many cards/decks were used to build the card house?  How many card triangles were used to build the card house?


  1. Thank you for your kind words and your question. Many of my 3-act tasks are also available on 101qs.com. Most of these tasks have full lessons with standards linked. These are Common Core standards, but the description of the standard can be found by clicking the prologue button at the top left corner of the page. The standard codes are listed. If you hover over the standard, the description will appear. This link should take you to a list of my 3-acts on this site: https://www.101qs.com/MikeWiernicki

    I hope this helps!


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